Playing tennis on a date is a great way to get to get to know one another. The sport requires physical fitness, an optimistic attitude, and cooperation—important characteristics you are likely looking for in a date. If you have more experience than your date at playing tennis, it’s a great opportunity to bond and teach them the ways of the game. Tennis will get your heart rate up and encourage the production of endorphins throughout your body, boosting your mood and improving health.


If you’re a little nervous about meeting your date in person for the first time, yoga is the perfect date activity. Although a yoga class is mostly silent, it will give you the chance to connect on a more spiritual level. Yoga is a great way to relax, slow your heart rate, and calm your nerves when hanging out with someone new. After your yoga class, head to a local coffee shop for a scone and a tea. You’ll be surprised at how confident you feel.


Baseball is a great, light dating activity for new couples. Whether you’re going to a baseball game to support your local team or tossing a ball back and forth in a nearby field, it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other over casual conversation. When you are engaged in an activity, you tend to worry less about what you’re saying and focus more on what you’re doing, taking the anxiety out of making conversation.


Tossing a football back and forth is a pleasant, casual way to get to know your date while staying healthy and active. Head to a local park or, if you live on a large property, invite your date over for a backyard football toss. After you’ve worked up a sweat, break for a picnic under a nearby tree. You’ll feel great and be much more relaxed in conversation.


Instead of going to a bar, sitting at a Starbucks, or watching a movie, get out of your comfort zone with a date at a boxing gym. This high-intensity sport will get your blood pumping and heart racing. As with any other sport, boxing encourages getting to know each other through cooperation, positivity, and encouragement.


Running dates are a great way to stay in shape while sharing common interests with your partner. This is a fantastic cardiovascular sport that encourages circulation, opens your lungs, and boost endorphins. The best part about running dates? Choosing an outfit is simple—all you need is a pair of running shoes and some workout gear. Another benefit of running dates is that they let you see each other in a more “natural” environment, without makeup or a carefully selected wardrobe.


Pilates promotes strong, flexible, healthy muscles and improves joint mobility—it’s also an awesome activity for a first date. Unlike yoga, Pilates is more interactive and provides a fun, exciting exercise environment. You can interact with your date in a stress-free environment (while getting killer abs!)

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