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One of the biggest perks about Online dating is that there are so many people to choose from. If it’s your first time using a dating site, the idea of finding your perfect match Online may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, the experts at Datetivity can provide some useful advice to ensure you meet your soul mate. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect match Online:

Avoid Getting too Specific

In order to help you find your perfect match, most Online dating sites require you to fill out an extensive questionnaire about hobbies, likes, dislikes, passions, and what you seek in a partner. Many users make the mistake of providing too much detail, and end up shrinking their match pool. After all, what guy or gal can like surfing, knitting, cooking, pottery, and origami-making all at once? Get out of your comfort zone by widening your search. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the people you meet.

Be Resilient

Finding your perfect match doesn’t happen overnight. Like everything good in life, it takes time, persistence, and care. Dating Online, you must prepare yourself for ups and downs. If you don’t feel the spark with your first match, don’t worry. Although it may take a few tries to find the perfect one, you’ll know right away when you’ve met your ideal match.

Encourage an In-Person Meeting

Many relationships fostered Online don’t make it past the virtual stage. To increase your chances of finding your perfect match, it’s imperative you encourage matches to meet in-person. Whether it’s for a healthy walk in a local park, a calming yoga class, or a fun session at a rock climbing gym, there are ample ways you can get to know your match. Don’t be shy! Chances are, your match is itching to ask you out, too.

Trust Your Gut

So you’ve met a match in person—congratulations! But something doesn’t feel quite right. When you meet your perfect match, you recognize the feeling immediately. Some dates; however, are just off the mark, and don’t completely fit the bill. Although it’s important to give these individuals a fair chance, it’s important to trust your gut in and avoid lingering past the relationship’s expiration date.

Know Yourself

Before you can be open to getting to know another person romantically, you need to know yourself. Who you are, and what you want are crucial in defining and finding your perfect match. Before delving into the Online dating pool, you should consider writing down exactly what it is you need in a partner. Later, you can use these notes for reference.


At Datetivity, we make finding your perfect match easy. With a wide selection of individuals to choose from, and a system that asks for the first date for you, you can rest assured you’ll find the right partner. What’s more, we put emphasis on combining activity and dating, so you can stay fit andfind your perfect match. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. With dating apps like Datetivity, and advanced smartphone technology, however, it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch with your date—even if you live on opposite sides of the world. Like any relationship, long-distance dating takes commitment, understanding and, most importantly, flexibility.

As dating experts, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make your long-distance relationship work:

Refrain from Constant Communication

With the ability to email, text, call, and instant message your date, it’s hard not to want to talk all the time. In a long-distance relationship, it’s important to avoid excess communication. Constantly updating each other about trivial day to day things gets boring, and will quickly suck the spark out of your relationship. Save the important stuff for when you see each other in person.

Stay Optimistic

Learning how to live apart is just as important as learning to live together. Expressing negativity towards your long-distance relationship will only harbour doubt and anxiety. Instead, try to see it as a positive journey, and an opportunity to bring you closer together on an emotional level.  

State Your Expectations

From the very beginning, you and your date should be on the same page. Setting up clear ground rules about what you expect from each other, like how often you should communicate, and whether it’s okay to date other people, will alleviate stress and prevent unwanted surprises.  

Communicate Creatively

Texts and emails get boring—and they’re impersonal. Surprise your long-distance date with a handwritten letter, a package filled with knick-knacks from the last time you were together, or a creative video about what you did that day. Putting in this kind of effort will show that you care, and help strengthen your relationship.

Stay Active, Together

Don’t let distance stop you from being active together. Videocall your long-distance date for a walk in a local park, a hike up a nearby mountain, or a YouTube yoga session in your living room.

Plan Visits

The best part about long-distance dating is getting to finally hug your person (in real life.) Whether you live a few hours away from each other, or on different continents, visits are a highlight for all long-distance relationships. Give yourselves something to look forward to by booking your trip in advance, or surprise your date with an impromptu weekend visit.

Don’t let your long-distance relationship get you down. Use the distance as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship by communicating creatively, doing things together, and planning visits.

At Datetivity, we provide online dating for active singles in North America. It’s a safe, efficient, and healthy way to date—whether you live in the same city or not. Register today to start meeting new people!



With “traditional” dating, you might greet a new date with a handshake, hug, or friendly nod. When dating Online, your first interaction with a new date is through a digital profile—one of the most important facets of dating Online. Like an art form, your Online profile requires careful craft and consideration.

Here are a few tips from the dating experts at Datetivity about how to improve your online dating profile:

Ensure Your Information is Up to Date

Is your profile picture from 1997? Are you wearing bell-bottoms and rattling around an old VHS? You may want to consider updating your profile. Potential dates aren’t interested in what you looked like 20 years ago—they want current, compelling photographs and information about you now, in 2017.

Choose the Right Photo

Don’t pick a selfie, and don’t pick a group photo where you’re buried amongst your friends. Ideally, your photo should be a well lit, high quality picture of you looking directly at the camera. Don’t forget to smile!

Be Personable

A boring, uninspiring profile will not get much attention. Your Online profile is your chance to show the dating world what you’re really made of. Share your quirks, quarks, and a funny story or two so readers can get to know your personality.

Follow Through With Your Online Connections

It’s one thing to meet and connect with someone Online; it’s another altogether to meet them in person. Online messaging and chatting is easy, simple, and private. That being said, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and chat casually for months without actually meeting in person. Be confident and try to remember that the other party is likely just as nervous, excited, and anxious about meeting up in person—it’s a new experience for both of you.

Don’t Share Too Much

Your Online profile should reveal a healthy amount of information about who you are, what you love, and what you desire—but it shouldn’t reveal everything. For safety reasons, and to add a little mystery to your profile, refrain from sharing overly personal bits of information, like where you live, your salary, the ages of your children, or information about past relationships.

Talk About What You’ve Done, Not What You Have

People aren’t interested in how many cars you have, how much money you make, or how much your house is worth. Fill your online profile with stories about past experiences travelling, or funny or interesting anecdotes about life at home.

Online dating is gaining traction rapidly in North American culture, with around 20% of current, committed relationships having started Online. The key to a successful Online dating experience? A stellar, thorough, and personable digital profile.

Datetivity is a fast, easy, and convenient Online dating site that combines dating and activity to promote a healthy lifestyle. For more information about our dating services, contact us today.

First dates are fun, exciting, and sometimes a little nerve racking—especially if you’ve only interacted online. Going on an active first date is easy, healthy, and a great way to get to know each other.

To ensure a fun, light, positive first date, here are a few locations guaranteed to make sparks fly:


          Local Park

A picnic date is the go-to for any city-dweller looking for a little nature time. After a healthy stroll through the local park, you and your date can bundle up, cozy-up, and sip wine under an array of yellow, red, and orange leaves.



If you live in North America, chances are there’s a lake somewhere nearby. Grab your new date and hit the road for a stunning canoe trip along a river, lake, or pond. Don’t forget your lifejacket!



More and more cities are becoming bike friendly, with beautiful bike paths winding along lakes, rivers, and through parks. Take your date to your favorite spots in the city on a casual bike ride.


        Walk the Dog

If you have a dog, inviting your new date on a dog walking venture is a great way to chat and introduce them to your favorite canine pal. If you envision a future with animals, it’s important that your partner likes them too.



Hiking is a great way to stay fit and enjoy stunning scenery on your first date. Take your date to your favorite trail and show them all of the best spots. Bring a smoothie or healthy sandwich for a snack.


        Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic sport for keeping in shape, and can be a great trusting exercise for you and your date. Look for local climbing gyms in your city for an afternoon of chalky fun!



Slow down, relax, and stretch with your new date at a yoga class. This is a great way to ease the stress and calm your nerves during your first date.


8.        Dance Class

Get out of your comfort zone and take your date to a dance class. You’ll get up close and personal, and learn a new dance move or two.

Sometimes, the hardest part about the first date is choosing where to go. For active people, this shouldn’t be a problem. Use this opportunity to try new sports and activities with your date.

At Datetivity, we provide a fast, easy, and convenient service for singles looking to meet an active date. We use your detailed profile to help you safely build new friendships, make connections, and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.  

For more information about our services, or to sign up, contact us today.


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